The larger part of our population is backward, illiterate and poor people living
In villages and poor localities of big cities suffer from lack of sanitation and
Educational facilities it is, of course, they duty of the government to look after
The needs of the people. But the persons who are educated and enlightened
Must also help their less fortunate brethren.
They must take upon themselves
The responsibility of social service and reform. In this field of social service,
The students can do a lot of good work. Society is spending a large amount
Of money students so that they can lead more comfortable and happy lives
Than their parents. It is, therefore, the duty of the students to work for the
Betterment of society. Our people have great regard for the students. Everyone
Trusts them. If the students go out in small towns and villages for doing social
Service. All the people will cooperate with them. It is heartening to note that
Most of the students realize the value of social service. They are eager to take
Part in this great task. In fact, some students do some sort of social work in their
Spare time. But the need of the hour is that the whole of the student community
Should be enlisted in social service corps. To be formed on the lines of U. O. T. C.
It is for the department of education to plan programmers and projects of social
Service. The students will certainly play their part in the progress and reformation
Of our society. Fortunately, the students have ample time for social service. There
Are the summer vacation, the winter holidays and the spring recess in which the
Students remain almost idle. They may waste their energy in undesirable activities.
Every student can easily spare at least a month of his holidays and devote it to the
Service of the society.

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