Men are mortal. Sooner or later they have to leave this world. Some
Die in old age, some in youth. Some persons do not achieve anything
In a hundred years. Others make themselves immortal in a mere score
Of years. It dose not matter how long one lives, what matters how long
One lives, what matters is the way one lives.
A year, s active life is better
Than a hundred years, idle existence. If age alone were the measure of
Greatness, the young would have no place in the company of heroes. But
It is not so. Then worth of a person is established by what he does, and not
By the number of years he has spent on this earth. When we remember a person
We remember him because he has done something brilliant, something great. We
Hon our and adore Quaid-I-Azam and Iqbal because they gave us the country we
Live in, and not because they lived to the age of sixty or seventy years. History of
Every nation proves that man lives in deeds, and not in years. We have no record
Of the persons who were blessed with long lives. But the persons who achieved
Something extraordinary, live in our history and literature, and we do not care
Whether they lived for a hundred years or thirty years. What is after all use of a
Long life if it is like an empty vessel? If you do nothing for the good of your
Society, society will not bother to remember you even if you live for two hundred
Years. Shakespeare is admired for his plays, not for his ripe old age. Marlowe and
Keats and Shelley and so many others are remembered because they were great
Poets although they died young. Life is not growing like a tree; life is struggling
And achieving.

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