Saving something for the rainy day has always been a very desirable advice
For all people. No one can deny the wisdom of saving. Everyone should think
Of the future and provide for the time when he will not be able to earn much.
If we put aside a part of our income for use in future. We will not be unhappy in
Our old age. Saving is good not only for
the welfare of individuals. But is also
Essential for the prosperity of the whole nation. For the better life of future generations
For the very survival of the country. Our future depends on what we do it the present. If
We spend all our wealth on our present needs, we will have nothing with which to build
Our future. If we follow a sensible policy and put a part of our individual and national
Income in profitable projects. We will reap rich harvest in the days to come. We, the human beings, have been blessed with intelligence. We should not, like animals, live
In the present and for the present alone. Let us eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow
We die, is very dangerous slogan. We may die tomorrow but others, our own children,
Will certainly take our place. We should make things easier and better for them. We
Should leave to them a happier world. This will be possible only if we save. Only
Fools can be spendthrifts because they shut their eyes and do not see the realities
Of life and the challenges of the future. We should remember that the saving of
The individuals is the wealth of a nation. We are a backward country. We have to
Develop our industry, agriculture, education and health facilities. All these projects
Need money. This money can only come from our resources. From our own savings.
Self-respecting individual and a proud nation.

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