In French the word bribe was originally used for a piece of bread given
To a beggar Now, this word has nothing to do with beggars or pieces of
Bread. Bribe is the money or some other thing. Offered to someone in order
To get illegal and undeserved favour
s. Bribe is offered only to those who
Hold some office of importance and influence and can oblige their clients.
Sometimes bribe is offered willingly sometimes it is received forcibly. Sometimes
You bribe an officer for getting an undue advantage, sometimes you have to pay this
Compulsory fee for obtaining your right. Bribery is perhaps the greatest cures that
Corrupts a society. It is dishonesty, deceit and coercion. Those who accept or demand
And sin both against Allah and man. They break the laws of the country and deny
The people their rights. They encourage injustice and dishonesty. The government that is run by corrupt officials is the worst of all forms of government. The government is responsible for administering the country and not destroying it. The first duty of the
Government is to look after the welfare of the people. If its officials treat the people
Badly and cruelly in order to get bribes, there is no use of the government. No one
Wants to part with his money. If he gives it to some official, he dose so because he is
Forced to do it. He may do so for getting what is not his or he is forced to buy an officer,
S attention for getting his right. If we want to establish Islamic system of social justice in
Pakistan evils like bribery will have to be wiped out as soon as possible. Bribery is a
Cures of unjust society and it causes further injustice. A person who accepts or demands
Bribery is a dangerous person. He looks after his own selfish interest only. And ignores
All other things. He dose not believe in any principal or values. He has no place in a free
And just society. He must be eliminated the sooner, the better.

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