My house is situated in a small city near Jhelum. It is a spacious one-storey
Building made of red brick. It stands right in the middle of a large piece of
Land with a hedge on all sides.
In front of the house is a well-kept lawn with
Tall graceful trees and flowerbeds. On the back, is a small lawn and a vegetable
Garden, while on the other sides are mango trees. In the corner of the front lawn,
Is a well which we use for watering the trees once or twice a month. The house
Consists of two rows of three rooms each, all square and specious, joined by a
Corridor. A verandah on the front and back of the house protects it from sun and
Rain. The walls of the house are so thick that the heat of the summer sun never
Manages to reach inside. In winter they become rather cold. The front verandah
Leads to two rooms: one is the drawing room, the other is my father, s room. My
Room is just behind the drawing room. Other rooms are occupied by other members of
The family. My father dose not like modern furniture which. In his opinion, is fragile,
Ugly and uncomfortable. He has furnished the house with large solid chairs, tables and
Beds. My room is perhaps the most modern part of the house. My father allowed me to
Buy a sofa set and a bookcase with glass front. My house is not a very big or magnificent
Building but it is not like other houses I have seen. It is different. It has a strange charm
For me. I have become so used to living in it that now I do not really feel comfortable
Anywhere else. I have a lot of associations whit it, for I have spent my childhood and
Boyhood in it.

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