The world of human beings is not a fairyland, and life is not a perpetual picnic.
Here happiness dose not grow on trees, and wishes do not always come true.
One has to accept life as it is, with all its joys and all its sorrows. It takes courage
And an understanding of the nature of life and human condition to do so. Man, is
Spite of all his achievements. Is still a human being, not a superman. He is a creature
Of emotions and sentiments.
Certain things make him happy, and certain things make
Him sad. A little bird chirping in the early morning may fill his heart with joy. And the
Autumn wind shaking last dead leaves from the trees may move him to tears. Everyone
Feels a little sad, a little worried, a little depressed at times, there is nothing wrong with
It. It is as natural as feeling happy. There is no harm in being dejected for a little while.
Depression is a natural reaction against a sense of loss, a personal misfortune, or the
Death of a dear one. This is the normal kind of depression. This normal, natural
Depression shows that we are capable of feeling and caring. It shows that we are not
Robots, and the hurry of this machine age has not deprived of the human qualities.
It helps us to adjust to the changing realities of life. It brings acceptance. However
When the stare of dejection persists, of life with all its joys and sorrows. It becomes
A real depression, some kind of mental disorder. It is not always easy to distinguish
Between normal and abnormal depressions. The chief difference is intensity and
Duration. Normal depression does not produce radical changes in one, s thinking
And behavior. The feeling of sadness may disturb one, s sleep for a few nights, or
Cause him to skip a meal or two or neglect the routine of life for some time. But
It loses its intensity as time goes by. Life reasserts itself, and everything falls
Into place once again. The abnormal depression called endogenous depression,
Is generally not related to any actual event or loss. If it has a cause, its intensity
Is excessive in proportion to the apparent cause. This abnormal depression
Is a sign of some kind of mental disorder. Some patients lose contact with
Reality and suffer from delusions. Others may become insensitive to events
Around them. Lose interest in eating and other physical activities. Abnormal
Depression may be produced by psychological causes or changes in the
Brain. Anti-depression drugs, electro-shock therapy and psychotherapy
Are effective cures.

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