Telenor TalkShawk is proud to introduce the latest day time discount offer for Calling all Telenor numbers. Now subscribers can call all Telenor numbers at the lowest rates.
All Telenor Talkshawk (except TS Har Sec) subscribers can call all Telenor numbers at discounted rates between 9am to 5pm.

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Terms and Conditions:
With effect of 17/03/2011, 19.5% FED applies on usage
11.5% withholding tax at recharge

Subscription Price:
Subscription price is Rs.12+tax (Rs. 14.34 inclusive of tax).

Price Plan Telenor No. (excl. tax) Telenor FnF (excl. tax)

TS 30 Sec, TS 24 Hrs Rs0.05 /30 sec Rs0.03 /30 Sec

TS 63 Rs0.05 /30 sec -

TS Har Min Rs0.10 /min Rs0.05 /min

TS A1 (first minute) Rs0.14 /min Rs0.11 /min

TS A1 (2nd minute onwards) Rs0.10 /min Rs0.07 /min

Lucky Subscriber 100% Discount
Each day a certain number of "Lucky Subscribers" will be selected randomly and given 100% discount from 9am to 5pm - the same day of subscription.
Lucky subscribers will get to make 100% free calls on day of subscription, while the above rates apply for all other subscribers.

Subscription validity
Customers can avail discount between 9am and 5pm on day of subscription
1 day (i.e. same day) if subscription done between 12 am (midnight) and 4:30 pm
2 days (i.e. till end of next day) if subscription done between 4:30pm and 12 am (midnight)