STA630 Paper May 2010
Today Paper (26-05-2010)

Total 37 questions.
34 MCQs.
one 3 marks question.
Two questions of 5 marks each.

Q1. What is Total Design Effort (TDE).... 3 marks.
Q2. Differentiate between confidentiality and anonymity. 5 marks.
Q3. What is the test/retest reliability method. 5 marks.


1. While studying supervisor-subordinate relationship in an organization, what is the unit of analysis?

► Individual
► Dyad-ans
► Employer-employee
► Organization

2. Mr. Ali has conducted an extensive review of the literature and has deductively reasoned a hypothesis about his problem on the basis of this review. Which type of a research plan is Mr. Ali likely proposing?

► Qualitative-ans
► Ethical
► Both quantitative and qualitative
► Quantitative

3. Which of the following is the difference between measures and indicators?

► Measures are unambiguous quantities, whereas indicators are devised from common sense understandings.-ans
► Indicators have a more direct relationship to the underlying concept than measures.
► Measures are intuitively devised and then applied as if they were direct indicators of a concept.
► Indicators are unambiguous quantities, whereas measures are subjective and value-laden.

4. Which of the following is the meaning of the term "To read critically"?
► Skimming through the material because most of it is just padding.
► Evaluating what you read in terms of your own research questions.-ans
► Being willing to criticize what you read.
► Taking an opposing point of view to the ideas and opinions expressed.

5. Which of the following is not the objective of a research for a student of research methods course?
► Conducting research by following certain steps
► Preparing methodologies
► Ability to convert problem into research able question
► Writing a book-ans

6. Which of the following true about the relationship between theory building and data collection?
Select correct option:

When studies come out as expected, inductive support for the theory is gained.-ans
If an experiment fails, discarding the experiment is an example of affirming the consequent.
When a hypothesis is not supported, virtually nothing has been learned about the theory.
A good theory will be inclusive enough to explain every possible research outcome.

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7. Which type of review compares how different theories address an issue?
A. Context review
B. Integrated review
C. Theoretical review-ans
D. Methodological review

8. After you locate a source, you should write down all details of the
reference, EXCEPT;

A. Volumes
B. Titles
C. Price-ans
D. Full names of the authors

9. After identifying the important variables and establishing the logical reasoning in theoretical framework, the next step in the research process is
A. To conduct surveys
B. To generate the hypothesis-ans
C. To focus group discussions
D. To use experiments in an investigation

[almost 7 to 8 mcqs were from Action research]