Q1: Recall your knowledge of ‘Sentence construction error’ and join these sentences with “and" or 'but". 10
1. My aunty has a son. My aunty has two daughters
2. The naughty took a stone. He threw it at a bird.
3. The fisherman is poor. The fisherman is honest.
4. We hailed a taxi. The driver did not see us.
5. Eagles are birds. Hawks are birds.
6. He ran very fast in the race. He slipped and fell.
7. I went to the grocery store. The grocery store was closed.
8. He opened his wallet. He took out some money.
9. He went to the plum tree. He plucked a few plums.
10. The street musician played his music loud. Nobody listened to him.

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Q2: Identify if the sentence is ‘run-on’ or ‘complete sentence’. 5

1.) My academic advisor told me not to take 18 credit hours for the fall semester I'm regretting not having listened to her.

2.) My cat was upset all day he didn't get canned food for breakfast.

3.) Organizations that promise students a scholarship if they pay an extraordinarily high application fee are most likely scams.

4.) Because Rose was late for the all-you-can-eat buffet, she had to order from the main menu.

5.) The student fell asleep in class everyone thought this was rude behavior.