How to Get Good Grades
Dear students
‘Getting good grads’ is the aim of every student. Here are some guidelines and good grades can be assured if you follow them.
Preparing the Lectures:

  • The most important thing in semester system is regularity – so be regular in studies and prepare lectures daily (as per lecture schedule). Working on daily basis is the key to success in semester system.
  • Before watching a lecture, read its handouts and try to understand its contents.
  • Watching the video lecture is a must. Also, take notes while watching the lecture.
  • After watching the lecture, do study your recommended text book and other reference material and prepare your own notes (for your reference and revision).
  • Do spend at least 2 hours on a lecture to have a better understanding by utilizing –
    • half an hour for reading lecture handouts
    • one hour for watching video lecture
    • half an hour for preparation of notes
  • You are advised to learn and understand the concepts as discussed in lecture. Do not just memorize them; rather you should be able to explain them in your own words and to apply them in real life situations.

Quizzes, Assignments and GDBs:

  • Do visit your LMS on daily basis and check announcements for upcoming activities.
  • Regularity in preparing lectures will not bother you in quizzes, assignments, GDBs and other activities.
  • Try to attempt the quizzes (when announced) as early as possible because you may face users’ load on the server on last/due date.
  • Assignments and GDBs are given for the reinforcement/ enhancement of your knowledge. Copying their solutions from different websites is not only an unethical practice but also a major reason why you get Zero marks.


  • In exams, always write “to-the-point” answer for every question (and explain it as per requirements and marks of the question). “Time management” is more important than writing long unnecessary details.

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