STA630 Research Methods Assignment No.1 Solution Fall Semester 2012

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“Superior Denim” is a denim producer and a market leader which not only exports to the leading brands internationally but also has its operational outlets nationwide. The organization, with a total of 7000 employees, has a strong labor union which is now involved in some violent activities during various recent strikes. The strike which started last week and is still continued, has resulted in three injured one of which is critical. Management observed more aggressive attitude and increased violence with every new strike. The CEO has decided to look into the issue and has invited an organizational psychiatrist, Mr. Ashar, who conducts research on different areas of psychology.

It is brought to Ashar’s notice that labor was recently hired that belonged to similar demographics, sharing a
similar cultural background. Few of them are identified to have a criminal background as well, and they are holding
prominent positions in the labor union. The labor is also found not to be satisfied with the job conditions and is
not provided with proper health and safety measures that are required for the job they are performing.

Mr. Ashar is asked to analyze the situation. He is trying to find out the reasons of recent increased cases of
violence among employees. After initial analysis, Mr. Ashar found that mindset of employees and cultural
background played a significant role in recent violence.


Keeping in view the scenario given above, answer the following questions with justification.

1. Identify the variables. 3
2. Identify dependent and independent variables. 3
3. What type of relationship exists among the variables? 4
4. Develop appropriate null and alternative hypothesis for given case. 3+3
5. Justify how it is a testable hypothesis. 4 IMPORTANT:

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final to avoid any inconvenience.

Step 1:
Read the scenario generally in order to understand it.
Step 2:
Read the questions.
Step 3:
Relate the concepts asked in the questions with the recommended books.
Step 4:
Once you have grabbed the concepts clearly then try to find the answers from the given scenario.

Questions Solution Marks Marks awarded
Identify the variables.
Employee, Injuries, Job Satisfaction, demographics
Identify dependent and independent variables.Dependent Variables:
Employees, Injuries, Job Satisfaction.
Independent Variables:
Organization, Labor’s criminal background, labor positions in labor union.

What type of relationship exists among the variables?
Causal relationship.

Develop appropriate null and alternative hypothesis for given case. Null Hypothesis:
The Union strikes are not caused by lack of job satisfaction, employee’s criminal background and job conditions.
Alternative Hypothesis:
The union strikes are caused by the employee’s lack of job satisfaction, criminal background and job conditions.

Justify how it is a testable hypothesis. In first step we will find the association between union strikes and job satisfaction, criminal background of employees and job conditions. Then we will find the severity or the strength of this association. We test hypothesis indirectly by testing the null hypothesis. If we have any credibility in our hypothesis it will reject null hypothesis. Rejection of null hypothesis will lead to accept the alternative hypothesis.