Movies have always been an integral part of entertainment for decades, love for movies has never diminished for the people of Pakistan.

Jazz brings for its subscribers such blockbusters, with original dialogues & songs to their very own mobile phone! All movies will be available in 60-90 minute duration through an IVR streaming.
Subscription process:

  • User can subscribe to this service by dialing IVR short code 606.
  • After subscribing to service, users will get the successful subscription notification via SMS.
  • After successful subscription of service, users can dial 606 and enjoy the service.

Un-subscription process:

  • To unsubscribe this service user dials the IVR and select unsubscribe option from the menu. A notification SMS will also be sent to user after un-subscribing the service.

Service Charges

  • Monthly Subscription Charges @ Rs. 20 + Tax
  • IVR Browsing @ Rs. 0.20+ Tax per min

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