Assignment No. 1 Marks: 15
“Changes induced in organizations”
After the independence of Pakistan, PTCL (Pakistan telecommunication limited) was the only
service provider in telecom industry. The only product offered by them was the local, national
& international land-line service. But with the emergence of multiple cellular companies, PTCL
had modified its operations and diversified its offerings to wireless connectivity, high speed
internet and multiple customized packages beyond just land line service. This was a change
brought into PTCL. Reminding the concepts of organizational change, answer the following
1. What are the reasons that stimulate the change to come?
5 marks
2. How this change in PTCL can be analyzed on the scale of McKinsey framework for:
􀂃 Strategy
􀂃 System
􀂃 Staff
􀂃 Shared values
􀂃 Skills
5 marks
3. In which category this change in PTCL falls; continuous or discontinuous? Maximum 2
line justification is required.
2.5 marks
4. How PTCL has communicated its changed version to the external stakeholders?
2.5 marks
Word limit: 400 words

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