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Thread: MGT503 Principles of Management mid term paper 2011 solve paper

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    for solve look attachment

    Spring 2009
    MGT503- Principles of Management (Session - 5)
    Time: 60 min
    Marks: 50

    Question No: 1 (Marks: 1) - Please choose one
    Sulman thinks about his job while playing with his son on the weekend, and he continually volunteers to do extra assignments and project for his department. These suggest that Sulman has a strong need for:
    ► Esteem
    ► Security
    ► Achievement
    ► Power

    Not 100% sure Question No: 2 (Marks: 1) - Please choose one (chap 04)
    Asim assigned Khalid a project to be completed by the end of the month and then hold periodic meetings with him to review his progress. Which management function Asim is performing?
    ► Planning
    ► Leading
    ► Controlling
    ► Organizing

    Question No: 3 (Marks: 1) - Please choose one
    Which of the following BEST describes creativity?

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    ► uncovering what is already there
    ► creating something new
    ► organizing already discovered items
    ► criticizing the discovered items

    Question No: 4 (Marks: 1) - Please choose one
    When an organization encounters a serious problem which needs to be solved immediately, it is called:
    ► Crisis problem
    ► Non- Crisis problem
    ► Opportunity problem
    ► Financial Problem

    Question No: 5 (Marks: 1) - Please choose one
    Plans which have the broadest organizational focus and the longest time frame are called:

    ► Tactical
    ► Strategic
    ► Directional
    ► Operational

    Question No: 6 (Marks: 1) - Please choose one
    A few years ago Black and Decker bought general electricís small appliance business. 150 products were converted from GE to Black and Decker label. A total of 140 steps were used for each product. It took 3 years. The total conversion of product line was:

    ► A Program
    ► A project
    ► A policy
    ► A rule

    Question No: 7 (Marks: 1) - Please choose one
    The intent of which of the following is to reduce uncertainty by playing out potential situations under different specific conditions?

    ► Project management
    ► Scheduling
    ► Environmental analysis
    ► Scenario planning

    Question No: 8 (Marks: 1) - Please choose one
    In terms of linear programming, profit margins on different products that a company can produce represent which of the following?

    ► Constraint s
    ► Feasibility regions
    ► Scenarios
    ► Basis for the objective function

    Question No: 9 (Marks: 1) - Please choose one
    Which of the following technique relies on individual or group judgments rather than on mathematical analysis?

    ► Quantitative forecasting
    ► Technological forecasting
    ► Qualitative forecasting
    ► Environmental forecasting

    Question No: 10 (Marks: 1) - Please choose one
    A problem with groupthink is that no one is actually in charge of making the final decision or outcome, which results in:

    ► Ambiguous responsibility
    ► Role incoherence
    ► Role ambiguity
    ► Ambiguous delegation

    Question No: 11 (Marks: 1) - Please choose one
    When an organization encounters an issue that requires resolution, but not very immediate action, it is called:
    ► Crisis problem
    ► Non- Crisis problem
    ► Opportunity problem
    ► Financial Problem

    Question No: 12 (Marks: 1) - Please choose one
    In decision making process, ideas should be evaluated on the basis of:
    ► Acceptability
    ► Durability
    ► Accountability
    ► Liability

    Question No: 13 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
    Assembling additional information and identifying both the nature and the causes of the problem comes under:

    ► Scanning stage
    ► Categorization stage
    ► Diagnosis stage
    ► Implementation stage

    Question No: 14 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
    The North American Free Trade Agreement includes:

    ► Mexico, Canada, and the United States
    ► Mexico, Brazil and Columbia
    ► Mexico, Canada and the Brazil
    ► Italy, Canada and the United States

    Question No: 15 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
    Which of the following is a collection of countries that use a common currency?

    ► European common market
    ► European Union
    ► Western European alliance
    ► Economic and monetary union

    Question No: 16 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
    Few years ago, employees of a international company took wages cuts to help the firm offset large losses. Now firm is again earning profits and employees believe that their wages should be restored but company is not willing to restore their wages. Organization is showing which of the following behavior?

    ► Unethical
    ► Socially responsible
    ► Ethical
    ► Socioeconomic

    Question No: 17 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
    An individualís personal beliefs regarding what is right and wrong or good and bad is called:

    ► Ethics
    ► Values
    ► Norms
    ► Rituals

    Question No: 18 (Marks: 1) - Please choose one
    The relationship between corporate social involvement and economic performance is:
    ► Positive
    ► Negative
    ► Perfect positive
    ► Perfect negative

    Question No: 19 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
    The culture of an organization is largely determined by:
    ► Top management
    ► Employees
    ► Stockholders
    ► The company founders

    Question No: 20 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
    All of the following are Dimensions of organizational culture EXCEPT:

    ► Innovation
    ► Aggressiveness
    ► Stability
    ► Customer orientation

    Question No: 21 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
    Constituencies in an organizationís external environment that are affected by the organizationís decisions and actions are called:
    ► Stakeholders
    ► Advisories
    ► beneficiaries
    ► Environmentalists

    Question No: 22 (Marks: 1) - Please choose one
    Environment made up of specific outside elements within which an organization interfaces in the course of conducting its business is called:
    ► Internal environment
    ► External environment
    ► The task environment
    ► The mega environment

    Question No: 23 (Marks: 1) - Please choose one
    The quantitative approach has contributed directly in the areas of:
    ► Planning and control
    ► Controlling and leading
    ► Organizing and controlling
    ► Planning and leading

    Question No: 24 (Marks: 1) - Please choose one
    Viewpoint arguing that appropriate managerial action depends on the particular parameters of the situation is called:
    ► Contingency theory
    ► Behavioral theory
    ► Administrative theory
    ► Social theory

    Question No: 25 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
    In Maslow's hierarchy of need, status is an example of which of the folowing need?
    ► Physiological
    ► Esteem
    ► Safety
    ► Social

    Question No: 26 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
    Which of the following behavior had dramatically influenced by Hawthorne studies?
    ► Human behavior
    ► Social behavior
    ► Moral behavior
    ► Ethical behavior

    Question No: 27 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
    The formal right to give orders, make decisions, and see that tasks are completed is called:
    ► Centralization
    ► Authority
    ► Responsibility
    ► Decentralization

    Question No: 28 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
    The managerial functions according to Fayol were :
    ► Organizing, staffing, commanding, coordinating and controlling
    ► Commanding, organizing, planning, coordinating and staffing
    ► Controlling, commanding, organizing, planning and leading
    ► planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating and controlling

    Question No: 29 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
    Which of the following is considered to be the father of modern computing?
    ► Fredrick W Taylor
    ► Abraham Maslow
    ► Charles Babbage
    ► Max Weber

    Question No: 30 (Marks: 1) - Please choose one
    Which type of managerial skill refers to the ability to analyze and diagnose complex situations?
    ► Problem-solving
    ► Interpersonal
    ► Conceptual
    ► Technical

    Question No: 31 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
    If you get more output from a given input, you have:
    ► Decreased effectiveness
    ► Increased effectiveness
    ► Decreased efficiency
    ► Increased efficiency

    Question No: 32 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
    Interpersonal roles include which of the following three roles?
    ► Disseminating, figurehead and liaison
    ► Figurehead, leader and liaison
    ► Disturbance handler, monitor and entrepreneur
    ► Monitor, resource allocator and negotiator

    Question No: 33 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
    A manager transmits the information outside the organization. He is performing which of the following role?
    ► Spokesperson
    ► Representative
    ► Disseminator
    ► Agent

    Question No: 34 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
    A universally accepted model of a successful manager could be described as:
    ► One who practices the four universal processes or functions
    ► One who executes all of the roles in a professional manner
    ► One who possesses all management skills at high levels
    ► There is no universally accepted model of a successful manager

    Question No: 35 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
    Dr. Edward Deming has described his Philosophy about quality in:
    ► 14 Points
    ► 6 Points
    ► 8 Points
    ► 20 Points

    Question No: 36 (Marks: 1) - Please choose one
    The traditional shape of an organization was:
    ► Circle
    ► Pyramid
    ► Square
    ► Diamond

    Question No: 37 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
    The science which studies the nature of things, particularly values and ethics is called:
    ► Anthropology
    ► Philosophy
    ► Economics
    ► Political sciences

    Question No: 38 (Marks: 1) - Please choose ones
    The new business model reflects todayís reality that:
    ► A large number of competitors are in the world.
    ► Information can be shared and exchanged instantaneously anywhere in the world
    ► People can move from one part to another part of the country easily
    ► Trade barriers are removed

    Question No: 39 (Marks: 1) - Please choose one
    The course which studies the values and ethics is called:

    ► Philosophy
    ► Behavioral science
    ► Economics
    ► Psychology

    Question No: 40 ( Marks: 1 ) - Please choose one
    Which of the following courses helps managers gain a better understanding of motivation, leadership, trust, employee selection, performance appraisals and training techniques?
    ► Psychology
    ► Sociology
    ► Political science
    ► Anthropologys

    Question No: 41 ( Marks: 10 )
    Describe Porterís Model and explain how a manager would use it to develop a strategy to achieve competitive advantage.

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