CS506 Web Design and Development Quiz No.1 Solved Fall Semester 2012-13

1 What is true about abstract classes?

Ans: The objects of abstract classes can not be instantiated

2 What if we declare main method as private?

Ans: Program compiles but does not run

Reason : if we declare main method as private then the program compiles successfully but does not run because main method is the actual execution area if declared private then other classes will not be able to get access to main method and will not display (as in case of GUI)

3 which statement is used to execute Select statement?

Ans: rs = executeQuery(sql)

4 GetColumnCount ( ) is method of …………

Ans: ResultsetMetaData p#175

5 Window Listener events are of ………. types

Ans: 7 p#133

6 Constructor is replaced with……………. In Aplet

Ans init( ) p#202

7 Is it possible to have more than one main method within the same class?

Ans: False

Reason : There is only one main method all other classes are declared inside the main method to get access for this purpose main method is always declared as public

8 Create, Drop, Alter are ………

Ans DDL (Data Definition Languages) p#158

9 DNS stands for…………..

Ans: Data Source Name p#150

10 Pure abstract class is……..

Ans: Interface p#98

Another Quiz

Which of the following is a general purpose container?

Select correct option:





Which of the following package needs to be import while handling files?

Select correct option:


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Exception handling code is written in _______

Select correct option:

try block ot confirm

catch block

finally block

throws clause

Which of the following stream is a Node stream?




All of given option

Which of the following stream read/write data in the form of bytes?





Which of the following command is used to compile Java code?

java filename

javac filename.java

javac filename

java filename.java