Interwood Mobel (Pvt) Ltd., Lahore published a job advertisement in a newspaper dated May 9, 2010. From the content of the said advertisement, it was evident that the organization singled out Virtual University with some malicious design by inviting applications from MBA’s except Virtual University in order to defame a reputed University constituted under a Government Charter. In response, the University issued a letter asking the organization for an apology and withdrawal of the advertisement failing which the matter will be referred to Legal Counsel.

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Consequently the Interwood Mobel has published another advertisement in the same newspaper on May 31, 2010 inviting applications from MBA candidates from all registered universities including Virtual University which has been explicitly mentioned. A letter of regret has also been received from the company which is being displayed on the University’s website.

View regret Interwood Letter.

vuhelp Interwood Letter.jpg

Click Here to view Interwood Advertisement in Daily Jung.

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