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Thread: Problems with the use of semaphore and New definition of semaphore

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    Icon14 Problems with the use of semaphore and New definition of semaphore

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    The main disadvantage of the semaphore discussed in the previous section is that they all
    require busy waiting. While a process is in its critical section, any other process that tries
    to enter its critical section must loop continuously in the entry code. This continual
    looping is clearly a problem in a real multiprogramming system, where a single CPU is
    shared among many processes. Busy waiting wastes CPU cycles that some other process
    may be able to use productively. This type of semaphore is also called a spinlock
    (because the process spins while waiting for the lock)
    . Spinlocks are useful in
    multiprocessor systems. The advantage of a spinlock is that no context switch is required
    when a process must wait on a lock, and a context switch may take considerable time.
    This, when locks are expected to be held for short times, spinlocks are useful.
    To overcome the need for busy waiting, we can modify the definition of semaphore
    and the wait and signal operations on it. When a process executes the wait operation and
    finds that the semaphore value is not positive, it must wait. However, rather than busy
    waiting, the process can block itself. The block operation places a process into a waiting
    queue associated with the semaphore, and the state of the process is switched to the
    waiting state. Then, control is transferred to the CPU scheduler, which selects another
    process to execute.
    A process that is blocked, waiting on a semaphore S, should be restarted when some
    other process executes a signal operation. The process is restarted by a wakeup operation,
    which changes the process from the waiting state to the ready state. The process is then
    placed in the ready queue. (The CPU may or may not be switched from the running
    process to the newly ready process, depending on the CPU scheduling algorithm.)
    Such an implementation of a semaphore is as follows:
    typedef struct {
    int value;
    struct process *L;
    } semaphore;
    Each semaphore has an integer value and a list of processes. When a process must
    wait on a semaphore; it is added to the list of processes. A signal operation removes one
    process from the list of the waiting processes and awakens that process. The wait
    operation can be defined as:
    void wait(semaphore S) {
    if(S.value < 0) {
    add this process to S.L;
    The signal semaphore operation can be defined as
    void signal wait(semaphore S) {
    if(S.value <= 0) {
    remove a process P from S.L;
    The block operation suspends the process that invokes it. The wakeup(P) operation
    resumes the execution of a blocked process P. These two operations are provided by the
    operating system as basic system calls. The negative value of S.value indicates the
    number of processes waiting for the semaphore. A pointer in the PCB needed to maintain
    a queue of processes waiting for a semaphore. As mentioned before, the busy-waiting
    version is better when critical sections are small and queue-waiting version is better for
    long critical sections (when waiting is for longer periods of time).

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