Dear friends

Of course, VU university and its learning system is very good. But now a days due to some problem all students facing some problems during studies at vu

1. Power failure is a terrible problem for students. Due to online education system power is essential part of all study programs. Many students fail to submit their quizzes, assignments and other works. There is no chance for exams preparation due to job for many student at night without electricity. Result of power failure for 12 to 20 hours cities and villages in f grade in many courses.
2.2nd great problem we are facing, is security risk every where. No suitable security in our campuses, even in exams only one guard doing his job formally. Every where bomb blast in pakistan . This fear is also a great cause for f grade in courses for many students.
3. A lot of burden of assignments, quizzes and lectures by university is during whole semester, students failed to plan their studies for exams, result in f grade

But in other universities situation is different. Due to face to face study scheme and class attending schedules, students are not much effected by power failure. Teacher are center of the study and delivering lectures according to situation. Not a fix number of lectures. In final terms no repetition of midterms lectures. They set a paper in few lectures. So students are getting high grade. No dropout no much f grade.
So we are in trouble, we should request our vu administration for some relaxation in not only marking, but also in lecture schedule, assignments, quizzes, and other programs format.

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