Select correct option:

Job satisfaction is best described as ____________.
Select correct option:
A result
A value
An attitude
A discipline

Values are important to organizational behavior because they:
Select correct option:
Are considered as an integral part of culture
Help to understand the attitudes and motivation
Form the supporting foundation for the study of ethics
Allow the study of alignment of organizational policies

Which of the following is NOT a factor in the individual perceiver?
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What trait does a decision maker need to have if they are to fully appraise a problem and even see problems that others are not aware of?
Select correct option:
Conceptual style

Shortcuts in judging others include all of the following except:
Select correct option:
Halo effect
Self-serving bias

Which of the following is NOT one of Hofstede’s five dimensions of national culture?
Select correct option:
Power distance
Future orientation
Uncertainty avoidance
Flexibility versus rigidity

According to Mintzberg, when a manager searches the organization and its environment for opportunities and initiates projects to bring about change, the manager is acting in which role?
Select correct option:
Resource allocator

What are the three classes of factors that influence perception?
Select correct option:
Factors in the setting, factors in the environment and factors in the motives
Factors in the perceiver, factors in the target and factors in the situation
Factors in the character, factors in knowledge and factors in experience
Factors in the personality, factors in the character and factors in the values

Mr. Hussain is a salesperson. He remembers the names of his customers easily because he is able to retain and recall past experience. He is able in which of the following dimensions of intellectual ability?
Select correct option:
Number Aptitude
Deductive Reasoning
Perceptual speed

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Which of the following is an example of an attitude?
Select correct option:
Satisfaction of a person with a job well done
The opinion that it is never acceptable to steal
Anger at being unfairly accused of a wrongdoing
The avoidance of a restaurant where one once received bad service

If everyone who is faced with a similar situation responds in the same way,attribution theory states that the behavior shows _____.
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Which of the following is not one of the four primary management functions?
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Sadaf has a low absenteeism rate. She takes responsibility for his health and has good health habits. She is likely to have a(an):
Select correct option:
Internal locus of control
External locus of control
Core locus of control
High emotional stability level

Mohsin has already presented two excellent reports. The report he has just presented is clearly not as good as the first two reports, yet he is given the same high grade as before. What shortcut has been used in this case?
Select correct option:
The contrast effect
The halo effect

What are the three primary determinants of behavior that organizational behavior focuses upon?
Select correct option:
Individuals, profit structure, and job satisfaction
Individuals, groups, and job satisfaction
Groups, structure, and profit structure
Individuals, groups, and structure

Studies indicate that which of the following tends to decrease with increased tenure?
Select correct option:
Job satisfaction
Raises and promotion

Ability to understand what is read or heard and the relationship of words to each other is called ___________
Select correct option:
Verbal comprehension
Non verbal comprehension
Perceptual speed

In attribution theory, what is distinctiveness?
Select correct option:
Whether an individual displays consistent behaviors in different situations
Whether an individual displays different behaviors in different situations
Whether an individual displays consistent behaviors in similar situations
Whether an individual displays different behaviors in similar situations

Which of the following statements is NOT true?
Select correct option:
Satisfied employees are likely to be more productive
Dissatisfied employees are more likely to miss work
Satisfied employees increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
The most effective way to improve job satisfaction is a raise in pay