Paper no.1
1. Which flag affected by often and operator
2. explain divide overflow error.
3. for what purpose "INT4" is reserved.
4. Double working of Exchange instruction with help of an example.
5. What is the difference between LES and LDS intruction.

Paper No.2

1. Two form of Moves introduction
2. Describe push & pop with help of example
3. How value of Ip Register is saved & updated when call . instruction executed.
4. AX = 0x3412, BX=0x7856, CX= 0x1CAB, Sp=0x100
Give contents of AX, BX,CX,SP
After creating instruction push AX, Push BX, cHG, AX,CX, POP CX

5. Explain Divide over Flows Error.
6. How many parameter a subroution can recieve through stack.

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