The term service has several meanings when paired with other words. For example a service firm is defined as one that derives more than 50 percent of its sales from providing services a service package is a bundle of explicit and implicit benefits performed with a supporting facility and using facilitated goods. For example When you eat at a fast food restaurant (supporting facilites), you may purchase a hambuerger (faciliating good) that someone else cooked for you (service). The service concept is the perception and ecpectations of the service itself in the minds of the customers, employes, shareholders and lenders. The service system is the equipment, layout and procedures used to provide the service and maintain quality and delivery standards. A service operation is an open transformation process of converting inputs (consumers) to dersired outputs (satisfied consumers) through the appropriate application of resources (family,material,labor,information and the cosumer as well). More simply serivces are economic activities that produce time,place,form or psyshological utility. A meal in a fast food restaurant saves time. For example Wal-MArt attracts millions of customers because they can find department store merchandise, groceries, gasoline, auto service, dry cleaning, movie rental, hair styling, eyeglasses and optical services and nursery items all in one place. Different types of services include business services such as consulting, banking and financial services; trade services such as relailing, maintenance and repair, social/personal services such as restaurants and healthcare: public services such as government and education; and infrastructure services such as transportation and communication. So we can narrate quality in services in following ways

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  • Services are an absolute necessity for a functional economy and enhancement of the quality of life
  • A services society sees the standard of living through quality of life as measured by health, education and recreation.
  • The consumer is said to be within the service's "factory".

There is a high degree of customer contact throughout the service process with the customer frequently participating in the process itself. Customer participation within the process means that there is simultaneous production and consumption, thus the service cannot be stored for later use, possibly as a buffer to absorb fluctuations in demand

  • Services are time perishable this means that services cannot be transfered or resold but must be sold directory to the customer
  • Labor intensity is another characteristic of services. In fact labor is usually the most important determinant of service organization effectiveness.

Site selection for services is usually dictated by the location of consumers. Preferable, services will utilize decentralized facilities within close proximity to customers
A recent phenomenon is services is the application of automation this can increase the quality of services being offered in an exceptive manner. Following Referance sourceis used in this GDB material but 100% based on my assumptions and practically work with data perching and evaluation