16 MCQS.. 2 was new one I remember…

Which one of the following is not the phase of the “Decision Making”?

None of the given option

Question#17 (2 Marks)
What are the fundamental components of DSS Architecture?

Question#18 (2 Marks)
Why expert system is the most popular type of intelligent system?

Question#19 (3 Marks)
How ERD is beneficial to system design?

Question#20 (3 Marks)
List any three applications of Statistics and modeling?

Question#21 (3 Marks)
ABS firms want to develop software product. What criteria they would use for technical feasibility?

Question#22 (5 Marks)
Evaluate the prototyping benefits and risks?

Question#23 (5 Marks)
What are the steps for the improvements of the decision making process?

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