The scientific method is preferred over other ways of knowing because it is more;

All of the given options

What is ordinal data?

Ordinary data
Well behaved data
Ranked data

The facts that should be collected to measure a variable, depend upon the

Conceptual understanding
Dictionary meaning
Operational definition
All of the above

The ________ is only useful if the concepts, ideas, questions, etc. to be investigated are both testable and falsifiable.

Independent Variable
Dependent Variable
Experimental Method
Scientific Method

Which of the following is false with regard to the benefits of multiple-choice questions over open-ended questions?

Multiple-choice questions are easier to design
Multiple-choice questions are less costly for coding and data processing
Multiple-choice questions are quicker to administer
The use of multiple-choice questions results in higher cooperation for self-administered surveys

Ms. Roshi has been coordinating the Annual Festival at her school for the last several years. She wants to be sure the students and parents enjoy the festival again this year. On which source is she LEAST likely to rely when making decisions about what to do?

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Personal experience
Expert opinion

Which of the the following is not included in Objects?


12. Which of the following true about the relationship between theory building and data collection?

When studies come out as expected, inductive support for the theory is gained.
If an experiment fails, discarding the experiment is an example of affirming the consequent.
When a hypothesis is not supported, virtually nothing has been learned about the theory.
A good theory will be inclusive enough to explain every possible research outcome.

Which of the following is not a feature of theoretical framework?

Making an inventory of variables
Specify the direction of relationship
Presenting findings
Making an inventory of propositions

Time consumed in mall intercept interview is---------------.


If an interview is conducted with a respondent who does not meet the qualifications for a study, what kind of bias has occurred?

Respondent bias
Position bias
Non-response bias
Instrument bias

A telephone company is interested in obtaining customers' reactions to a new service package. Which of the following primary research methods would be most effective in reaching this audience to obtain their feedback?

An Internet survey
Telephone interviews
A mail survey
Focus groups

A concept is a generalized idea about------ .

A class of objects
All of the given options

Theoretical framework is trying to develop a ________ model of our study.


A literature review requires;

clear writing
good writing
All of the given option