mcq,s majority comes from past ppr................
1- Consider sorting three no,s a1,a2 and a3 with comparision based sorting algorithm and tell how many combinations are possible? (2)
2- If v solve knapsnap algorithm with brute force and it takes O(2^n)time to can we do it better?
3- T/F: A sequence of values in a column of dynamic programming tble for an instance of the knapsnap problem is alwayz non-decreasing.Give brief ans.
4_what change is requried to quicksort such that it sort assume to be non -decreasing order?
5- write an pusodo code of knapsnap dynamic programing algorithem.....wo jo last waly lecture main hai.
6- aik aur v tha question wo yaad nae...ajeeb sa tha...

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