Dear Fellow Students...
MGT613 Current Paper 17/05/2011...attempt by Hafiz Salman Majeed....
All 28 MCQS from Past papers....and Alhudullilah all 28 are corrected and verified by myself also....Correct file 20 midterm papers of MGT613 are attached... now these papers are 99.99% prepare before attempt paper.....Thanks to honey g for make this outstanding file....

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My subjective was not good all was mixed in my is my subjective...

Question No: 29 (Marks: 3)
What are the approaches that organization can adopt to change the job structure?

Question No: 30 (Marks: 3)
What are the key steps involved in formulating a capacity planning strategy?

Question No: 31 (Marks: 5)
Elaborate the advantages and disadvantages of concurrent engineering?

Question No: 32 (Marks: 5)
Suppose you are working as an operation manager in an automobile company. Your company wants to move its manufacturing plant from one location to other location.
What factors will affect the location decision according to your point of view?