CS507 Quiz Spring 2010

In drawing a proper flowchart, all necessary steps that are a part of process should be listed out in ________________ order.
Select correct option:

Top to Bottom

Which of the following is a problem solving technique that re-assembles a systemís components back into a complete system?
Select correct option:

System analysis
System design
System check
System configuration

The study of business problem domain is used to recommend improvements and specify the business requirements for the solution.
Select correct option:


Which of the following may be of low fidelity and dismissed as toys?
Select correct option:

Inference engines
Early prototypes
Development engines

Which of the following refers to the structuring of hardware and software to achieve the effective and efficient processing of information?
Select correct option:

System monitoring
Operational planning
System development

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Which of the following allows manufacturers to rapidly and inexpensively test the parts of the design which are most likely to have problems?
Select correct option:

Physical Model
Trial version
Carbon copy

Which of the following are knowledge workers who facilitate the development of information systems and computer applications by bridging the communications gap that exists between non-technical system users, and System designers and developers?
Select correct option:

System Analysts
Software Engineers
System Designers
Chief Executives

Which of the following provides a structured means of addressing the impact of technologies on an organization?
Select correct option:

Business planning
IT planning
Requirements planning
Configuration planning

Employees might be unwilling to accept the high level of responsibility if organization is dominated by _____________and the culture is ____________.
Select correct option:

Workers, autocratic
Top management, autocratic
top management, democratic
Middle level management, democratic

In which of the following environments, duplication of clerical work is generally observed.
Select correct option