CS 101 Introduction to Computing
Assignment # 01


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The assignment has been designed to enable you:
Understanding of input/ output devices.
To know about the truth table.

Question No. 1
Ali is a manager in a multi-national organization. As part of his job, he needs to interact and provide updates of his work to the head office on regular basis, which input/output devices can he use to complete his daily tasks? (Marks 2)

Question No. 2

How WebPages are different from a website? (Marks 2)
Note: List down two most important differences in this regard.

Question No. 3

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Prove right hand side equal to left hand site by using truth table
NOTE: Fill the given table and make sure the sequence of input remains same as it is given in the table below.

a. A B = AB + AB (Marks 3)
b. BC = ABC + ABC (Marks 3)