CS615 Software Project Management Assignment No. 2 Solution Spring Semester 2013

Purchasing is always a time consuming task in the era of fast life, where people donít get enough time to visit the market for shopping. People get jogged down by the routine and by the visits of shopping. Customers not able to get enough variety to choose the right product and also the payment system is not so much transparent in which one needs to know the exact price of the selected product without bargaining.
This Problem leads to the development of a project named ďOnline garments Inventory management SystemĒ, where we have shopkeeper selling and customers for purchasing garments online using cart to do shopping. First by having a virtual tour and then by booking the order along with postal address and payment method for smooth and reliable shipment, in order to reach the product at the customerís doorstep. Technology provides us the ease to purchase anything while staying miles away.
Now keeping in view the above scenario, you are required to answer Q#1 and Q#2 as mentioned below, both questions carry equal marks.
Note: You can get help to solve Q#1 from PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) book, which is your reference book for the course CS615 and is available in your course website of LMS. 10 Marks
Q#1: By considering the above scenario, you are required to identify the Scope of the project with proper documentation. 5 Marks
Q#2: For Requirement Elicitation of the problem using above scenario. What problems can arise during the project development? Explain each problem in your own words.
5 Marks
Q#3: Give the list of Project Manager Myths? Any five, except the ones mentioned in the handouts.

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First Myth
I have a detailed technical requirements document, I donít think I need anything else, I should create a plan in MS project directly now.

Second Myth
I have created my plan in MS project, all my responsibilities of project planning have been completed.

Third Myth
If you know MS Project, you know how to plan a project. Project Planning is nothing than putting a task list in MS project.

Fourth Myth
My boss said me to decrease the estimates so that we can win the bid, I have no other way than reducing it to the time frame said by my boss.

Fifth Myth
My project has taken more time than planned and I have project delivery soon, I think I need to put more resources to finish it on time.You might be right, but have you analyzed other way around or it is your expectation that by putting more resources you will certainly be able to finish it faster.