ENG001 Elementary English Assignment No. 2 Solution Spring Semester 2013

Q1. Convert the following narrative into a news story in such a way that the reader knows the outcome of the drama in the first sentence of the news story and then add background information about how it happened, and why it happened. (5)

When electricians wired the home of Mrs Mary Ume in Hohola, Port Moresby, some years ago they neglected to install sufficient insulation at a point in the laundry where a number of wires crossed.
A short-circuit occurred early this morning.
Contact between the wires is thought to have created a spark, which ignited the walls of the house.
The flames quickly spread through the entire house.
Mrs Ume, her daughter Peni (aged ten) and her son Jonah (aged five months) were asleep in a rear bedroom. They had no way of escape and all perished.

Q2. Read the list of words below. Each word has a different connotation, but has the same general denotation. Write its general denotation in column 2 and then write words from most positive connotation to most negative connotation in column 3. (5)
List of Words General Denotation Numbering of words from most positive connotation to most negative connotation thin




Q3. List the adverbs in this exercise. For each adverb, tell whether it modifies a verb or adjective. (5)

For example: I am sincerely grateful for your help.

Here sincerely modifies the adjective grateful

1. Dave asked politely for another piece of pie.

2. Thoughtfully, the old man chewed his dinner.

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3. Make sure that you review daily.

4. The apples had been tightly packed in the box.

5. Tim was very happy about his success.

Component element constituent part

Embraces with in its scope to clasp with its capacity
pedestrian excursion start walking on foot
Antagonist individuals single opposition
juvenile members of the community young member of group