HRM627 Human Resource Development Assignment No.1 Solution Spring Semester 2013

Topic: Communication

Mr. Khawar is working as GM Production in a famous FMCG organization. Few days back, he called one of his managers, Ms. Shazia, in his room. She entered and selected one of the three chairs in front of his desk. She sat with her back straight but not touching the back of her chair. Her hands were folded in her lap, and she was alert and looking at GM – who was chasing one of the fish in his large fish tank around with a net and trying to catch it.

“Shazia, I’d like you to get right over to Awais by the loading dock. Tell him my systems have flagged a negative inventory reduction in dry milk. Tell him I think it’s a paradigm shift and I need a truncated procurement status. Tell him to expedite. I want to snare the drift on the downswing. You’re dismissed.”

Shazia left while he was still chasing his elusive fish. She headed over to the loading dock – but not looking forward to seeing Awais, mostly because she and Awais had been competing for the next promotion, and partly because she was not sure what GM was talking about.
As she reached the loading dock, she saw Awais and three of his assistants talking to five workers. The five workers were facing him and his assistants in a circle where the nine of them were shoulder to shoulder. The group was hanging on Awais’s every word. Awais could not see her and she just turned and left without saying a word. Four days later she laid a message on Awais’s desk while he was out. The message was,
“You should probably look at the dry milk, more.”

Awais increased his order for dry milk. A week later, among stacks of boxes of dry milk, GM screamed at him: “WHY DID YOU ORDER MORE OF THESE? I told you they were piling up! You should have stopped ordering them completely! If you cannot listen you can forget that promotion.”

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1. Who is/are responsible for increased order of dry milk? Discuss with proper reasons. (10 marks)

2. How the whole communication, that took place in this scenario, could be improved. (10 marks)

Communication can be improved in this scenarios.

Active listening, through reflecting back and paraphrasing, can help to overcome communication barriers.
Upward communication may be improved through techniques such as MBWA, managing by wandering around, and by the use of structured meetings, suggestions systems, advisory councils, and the like.
Space can be used and designed to improve communication in organizations.
The appropriate use of information technology, such as E-mail and Intranets, can improve communication in organizations.