1) Problem
Noisy Atmosphere- A loud restaurant is a stabbing upon customer's senses. Most have been driving in traffic and are tired and need to eat and converse (talk) in peace, not be irritating with loud music.

Soft Music
Soft music which can relax the customer. It just like that sound comes from haven. Think of a fine steak house atmosphere. Even a fast food restaurant needs to quiet down the atmosphere. Why? Eating is eating and the same peaceful atmosphere is required. Do not let ignorant employees drive you out of business or hurt sales. Keep the music level low and soothing.

2) Problem
Impolite Employees
- Order takers or waiter/waitresses who are in a bad mood will come off as being rude. Temporarily or permanently rotate this moody employee away from the front counter or their attitude will certainly force customers to do business somewhere else

Forced Tips
Forcing customers to pay a mandatory gratuity. Let the employee "earn their tips" from "good service." A rude and uncaring employee should not be rewarded for destroying your business. Let good service always remain as the central core of your business

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3) Problem
A grimy restaurant is customer hate to eat. See ever aspect in restaurants when u sees dirtiness

Sure, the restrooms should be clean, but don't forget the floors, windows and sills. Clean up everything that can be seen. Even if it is clean a surface may visually appear dirty and will need new paint. Clean! Clean! Clean! Parking lot too must be clean