The University of Gaming will be an academy situated in Belgium (Antwerp/Ghent) where anyone can follow a one year 'university' gaming course with classes that range from in-game tactics to the neuroscience and social dynamics of gaming. Whether you want to become a professional gamer or acquire the skills and insights to level up in other areas, these classes consist of advanced material applicable to all aspects of life, approached with the gamer mindset.full-set-up-gaming-table.jpgProgram

(currently being developed, changes may occur) Gaming & Game-Related Strategies MMO, FPS and RPG strategy
Poker strategy
Investing Problem-solving Logical, critical and 'out of the box' thinking Social Dynamics Teamwork, relationships, psychology, communication & media Social Media Building a following
Marketing strategy Scientific Method Neuroscience
Physics Self-Development Self-control
Health & fitness


We are in the process of starting the University of Gaming project and are aiming to start the academy's first year in 2011 or 2012, depending on the applications. While there will be an online component, the main course can not be followed online and is a full one year university-style program. Attendance of classes (four days per week, 3-4 hours per day) is required and in the first year(s) of the project, our academy in Belgium will be the only location that provides the course. (we are looking into setting up the academy in either Antwerp or Ghent)
We will have more information about relocation (living and travel arrangements) as we progress.
Price of admission will be around 1,000 euros, students' minimum age limit will be 18.

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