Budget 2011-2012 of Pakistan is not a people friendly budget. Lot of new taxes are implemented in Budget 2011-2012 by finance ministry (FBR) Government of Pakistan. Following are the important points of Budget 2011-2012 in Pakistan

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1. New taxes of Rs 110 Billion rupees will be implemented.
2. ...GST will be decreased from 17 % to 16 %
3. 10 % increase in Salaries of government emplyees
4. federal exercise duty on cigaret is removed
5. Prices of Suger , textile items and gas will increase.
6. 70 billion rupees will be collected by removing sales tax discounts.
7. 50 billion will be collected by implementing Gas Levy .
8. Capital gain tax will be relaxed (removed or deferred)for small investor in stock exchange.
9. 300 Billion rupees will be saved from government institutes after reforms.
10. Energy sector losses will be removed and this will save government Rs 160 Billion.
11. 10% will be saved from public welfare projects.
12. Federal government employees to gain 30 % salary increase in Budget 2011 & 2012
Government only interested in completing its tenure nt intrested 2 improve people condation wt u think????