hi to all, can anyone advise on the best cable config please, i have a 40" sony plasma monitor (PFM-42X1) inputs in back are input 1=15pin dsub(rgb/yuv) input 2=dvi both with audio jacks. 2 x composite bnc connectors (1 labeled in and 1 labeled out) and 1 y/c in connector and 2 left/right audio in jacks. and my dvdr (with freeview) is a samsung dvd-sr150m with the following connectors on back, the usual 2 scarts and component out 1pr(red) 1pb(blue) 1y(green). av out s-video,video,and audio left/right. would anyone please advise on the best way to get freeview on this monitor, any help would be grately apprecieted thanks. at the moment i have it connected with scart from dvdr to a composite video and audio connectors on plasma but pictures a bit grainy.

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