Expository writing is a mode of writing in which the purpose of the author is to
inform, explain, describe, or define his or her subject to the reader. Expository
text is meant to ‘expose’ information and is the most frequently used type of
writing by students in colleges and universities. A well-written exposition
remains focused on its topic and provides facts in order to inform its reader. It
should be unbiased, accurate, and use a scholarly third person tone. Examples of
expository writing can be found in magazine and newspaper articles, non-fiction
books, travel brochures, business reports, memorandums, professional journal and
encyclopedia articles and many other types of informative writing.
One of the most familiar and basic forms of expository writing is the fiveparagraph
essay, which features an introduction with a clear thesis statement,
three main body paragraphs and a conclusion.

Your assignment is to write an expository essay on the given topic following the
above mentioned five paragraph essay format. The topic is
“ The power of being a nuclear power”

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