ENG301 Assignment # 3 Idea Solution..

Question No.1
As a manager of Haier Company, write a final letter of collection to a company for ten months over due amount of Rs.400, 000 for 10 air conditioner


Collection Letter
(Collection letters are usually sent in a series. The first is mildest and most understanding, with the letters getting gradually more insistent. The final letter in this series, when all efforts have failed, threatens to turn the matter over to a lawyer or collection agency or court of law.)
You can take the idea from any one from the two below.

Dear Mr. Usman,

Your balance with Haier Company is 10 months past over due. Our efforts to collect from you by mail, fax, and telephone have been fruitless. You still owe Rs. 400,000 of the original Rs. 600,000 in purchases for 10 air conditioners you made on July 20, 2009. The last cheque we received from you was on August 10, 2009.

If we do not receive a payment within 10 days, your account will be turned over to Collection Agency for further handling.



Dear Mr. Zubair,

Despite our numerous attempts by letter, telephone, and numerous onsite visits to your office to collect your past due balance, you have neglected to make any effort in making payments to Haier Company. Your office is now Rs. 400,000 in arrears. Having broken a series of promises to pay, we cannot trust your word any longer and must take more serious action.

We have turned your account over to our collection service. They are authorized to use any and all legal means deemed appropriate to collect your payment.


Question No.2
How can we differentiate between a memorandum and a circular?


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• A memorandum is an informal message, especially sent between two or more employees of the same company, concerning company business.
• A memorandum or memo is a written reminder or piece of information. You can write a memo to yourself, to just one other person, or to a group.
• A memorandum is a note usually for internal use within a department or a company.
• A memorandum is limited to a single subject and its distribution within a company may be limited on a need to know basis.
• The memorandum or ‘memo’ is a very flexible form used within an organization for communication at all levels and for many different reasons.


• A circular is a document intended to be copied and given to a group. Also, while a memo is only to inform or remind, a circular can have other purposes such as advertising.
• A circular presents technical or non-technical information of popular interest in a format designed for distribution to the public.
• A circular usually covers more than one topic, it is general in nature, and has wide distribution within a company.
• Circular letters are used to send the same information to a number of people extensively used in sales campaigns and for announcing important developments in business, such as extension, reorganizations, changes of address, etc.
• A circular letter is prepared once only and it may then be duplicated for distribution to the various recipients. Names, addresses and individual salutations may be inserted after duplication in order to personalize the letter