MGT602 Assignment 2 Solution

Q#1 answers:

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After review of his analysis, In my point of view, after developing and implementing the successful business plan, Tanveer have done to avoid some situations such as: tanveer must have to take the corrective actions. The very first step he must have to take is to register his partnership legally. As he is the financer of his firm, he must have to make ROI proportion to his investment to recover his losses. To monitor his activities regularly he must take daily statement of banking transaction prior to link his company’ Bank account with e-statement facility to get daily transactions alert on his email. By using this facility he can check his company’s inflows and outflows to avoid leakage. Properly depute his trustworthy person to keep the records through Gate Pass & Builty No’s. Also he must have to install the CCTV’s at the premises and regularly check the activities at every start of day.

Q#2 answers:

After revealing the fact that partab singh has used company resources for his personal use and to avoid further embezzlement, tanveer decided to recover the losses through negotiation. If recovery does not exist then and negotiation fails to recovery the losses then he involve the mediator to recovery. But if this also fails then the last step is he takes the legal action against him.