ē XYZ is an organization wants to develop the network. Total numbers of computers are 7. Which topology is best suitable for the network? Justify your answer.

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If we talk about about globally so it comes internet network but in small organization - XYZ with 7 computers. So my point of view that System Bus is concerned to use.

1. A computerís bus is an electronic pathway that carries information among devices in
a computer & due to this no any server required to pass the data from one computer to another.

2. if 1 computerís network is down in all 7 so no affect in others computers because It depend the bus width & speed that how much information & how fast information can flow & travel respectively & further that computer receive the message at the same time & take action as well.

So, we can say that Computer communicates with its development cards and strategy through the system bus.

Q.2 If computer A wants to transmit the data to computer F, then
What condition should A satisfy?
What protocol should be used?
And how the data will transmit?

Definitely, if computer transmit the data to another computers so some fact must be take action.

In Condition, information may be communicate respond to the clockwise way.

In Protocol, System Bus build and handle the Computerís networks based on proprietary protocols.

In Data Transmission, A computer process data Transmit from A to H & one by one data transmit to the next computer & process data take act.