Question 1:
Considering a and b
Tell separately in which situation (a or b), either it is-scope creep and if it is then of what type?

In a highway project, the Govt. is the customer; the construction of the highway was 190 which were then extended to 5 km more. The government wants to increase the project scope. It means the project manager now has to manage the construction of 195 km highway.
In situation a:
In the situation of a, the resources and time-line has been fixed but the scope of the highway increases with the size increases. The deliverable size of the highway was 190 km before, which was further extended and the additional 5 km was added to the first project but the resources remains fixed.
If there isnít any increase in budget and schedule time, the project team may flow away from the original goals or objectives, as the capacity of the project increases, the project manager needs more task for completing the project in limited resources and limited time-line, which was designed for the smaller project. Due to this the scope creep became effect in overflow of the project's original goals.
For situation b:
In situation b, the additional project is not bad for the project manager because the government is providing extra funds for additional construction and also provides extra time limit for completing the project. So the situation b is not scope creep because the government is providing more funds to be issued and 8 week additional time for the construction.

Question 2:
How this additional construction will affect the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) of your project?

The work breakdown structure of any project is specially made for networking of the project. It contains all the work associated with the project. It divides the whole work of the project into pieces, so that the project manager can better understand the project. The WBS must be flexible, because the
projectís requirements changes every time, and it must be able to use in every circumstances.

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Work Breakdown Structure is not a description of the process which will be following to perform the project, it also doesnít address the schedule which define how and when the deliverable will be produces, rather it is specifically limited to describe and detailing the projectís outcome or scope.

The additional construction of the highway will slightly affect the Work breakdown structure because the project manager will need to describe and make the detailed diagram for handling the construction process. The changes may occur in the scope of the project because of the additional construction but the project manager should clearly define the changes.