This web application will facilitate users from any organization to define routes on Google Maps (or any other map source can be used). Once the routes are established, the other colleagues (passengers) from the same organization could use this information to ask people to drive them to home/Points Of Interest (POI). The application will allow passengers to view the route, contact the person who has the same or similar route, via Email/SMS. Following are further details for this application:
Admin, Passenger, Driver (A driver can be a passenger too, and a passenger can be a driver too, so you can either treat them as two actors, or you can treat them as a single actor)
Driver/Passenger Features
1. Define multiple addresses (locations) on Map such as for Home, Office, Weekend etc.

2. Minimum information about an address will be two locations (start and end) on the route. Adding of locations will include Latitude and Longitude. In search results all the possible information from an already defined information should be accessible, such as:

a. Latitude/Longitude

b. Start and End (Locations and Time for departure & arrival) of the route

c. Driver Information (based on circle information as discussed in point # 6 below)
d. Vehicle Information
e. Travel Frequency Daily, Weekly, Other (mention days of the week)

All of the map related things will be defined on Google (or other source) maps i.e. when user will enter data about the start and end on the route, based on entered address for start and end, it will be displayed on the map that should be very similar if not the same as following:
3. Manage route information provided in point number 2 above (edit, delete etc)
4. Along with addresses, the information about departure, arrival time will also be saved.

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5. Define self-owned vehicle information and License information. Define the specification of the vehicle such as: Capacity, Fuel System (Petrol/CNG/Diesel etc).
6. Search through the defined addresses (passengers can search the addresses for which they can ask someone (driver) to drop them on the way.
7. Manage circles, a user can add, update, and delete other users to their circle in 3 privacy categories (e.g. Private, Limited, Public). So that a user can define what level of detail is visible based on the privacy categories, to other users.
8. Application will display a vehicle icon (a van, car or bike etc) for the users who are drivers (having own vehicle), wherever applicable.
9. Contact driver or passenger via Email and SMS.

Admin Features

10. Admin will be responsible to manage this application for: Manage Users (Add, Update, Delete etc).
11. The information accessible to admin will be encrypted so that the admin user canít view any userís personal details (passwords, CNIC, Vehicle Info, License, Userís Circle information etc). So it means admin can manage users with best possible access of userís data that allow admin enough power to operate, and still hide userís sensitive information from admin.
Bonus Feature
12. The web site should adapt itself well in all sizes of displays (desktop, wide screen, tablets smart phones etc). Bootstrap CSS technique or any other technique can be followed for this purpose.
(This is extra feature and any student/group will achieve bonus marks for its proper implementation)
Application Type

It will be a Web Application

Tools & Technologies

- Any modern tool and technology set used for developing web applications/web sites, using which the required feature of the project can be implemented.
- Google Maps API and Tools (or any other APIs, Tools or Technology for utilizing Maps)

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