To qualify for Merit Positions, students
A) MUST have
a) Follow the defined scheme of studies or those who are carrying an equal or higher course load of the applicable program without a break in their studies
b) Secured the highest CGPA in the respective study program (top three students only)
(Explanation: Students having the same highest CGPA will be assessed on the basis of overall marks percentage of the courses)

B) MUST NOT have:
a) CGPA less than 2.5
b) Failed/Repeat course(s)
c) Extra semester(s)
d) Exempted course(s)
e) Converted course(s)
f) Convicted in Unfair Mean Case(s)
g) Studied deficiency course(s)
h) Changed study program

List of Position Holders of Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 Graduating Semesters (5th Convocation)

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