CS619 Final Year project "LYRICSER” The Sound Mixer VU spring 2014

"LYRICSER” The Sound Mixer

Lyricser is a desktop application which can be used to play several sound files at the same time with different volumes. Such as Sound file # 1 is playing with very low volume and sound file #2 is playing with medium volume and so on. This software also provides us the facility to record and save the mixed sound.

  • User can select and play 5 sound files parallel (Software should be able to play following audio formats mp3, ra and rm, wma).

  • User can record and save mixed sound at his desire location on hard disk.

  • Besides 5 sound files which can be played at the same time, user can include any sound/his voice from microphone. Now there are 6 parallel sounds which can be played at the same time. (5 files selected from the hard disk and one input from the microphone).

Separate Volume Controller should be available for each sound file.


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  • There should be options for the tuning of sound effects with each volume controller for each sound file. (User would be able to optimize the bass, stereo, and other audio effects).


  • There would be one Master Sound Controller along with sound graph and tuning options, which would control the overall sound out put from the software. This master sound controller would also be used to play the recorded file.