CS619 final year project "Virtual Screen Splitter (VSP)" VU Spring 2014

Virtual Screen Splitter (VSP)
Mostly we perform several tasks on our systems and each task may require separate windows for execution on desktop. A lot of time is consumed switching and resizing windows and face a lot of problem to view all windows at a time.

VSP will allow main screen to be split into two or more sections. It will be helpful for the active program’s window to be resized properly to one part of the screen. Using this utility, User will be able to do a split system desktop into two or more areas so that active application would not cover up “Full” physical screen when maximized. This way user can visualize parallel windows in defined area that user has a separate monitor for working (virtually) also called “multi-monitor features of Windows”.

It allows user to position and size windows to sections/areas of monitors and helps user to efficiently manage many active windows parallel.

Following image depicts virtually split of desktop screen into two sections/area:

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