MGT602 - Entrepreneurship Assignment No. 01 Solution and Discussion Fall 2014 Due Date 23 may, 2014

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Learning Objectives:
• To familiarize the students with characteristics and importance of intrapreurial culture within an organization.
Learning Outcomes:
• The student will learn how to develop an intrapreneurial environment within an established organization.
• The students will also learn how an entrepreneur can perform his duty effectively while being the part of a corporate culture.
Within any organization, the intrapreneurial environment is very much different from the traditional corporate cultures. Dynamic external environment demands change and innovation with speed and efficiency. All the established MNCs (Multinational Companies) have been tilled towards the intrapreneurial environment and they do facilitate the change to face the external threats and challenges. An employee who possess certain characteristics like opportunity seeking, creativity, risk management, resource management, networking and goal setting, always seeks space to capitalize their talent. Therefore an organization with intrapreneurial culture is ready to take any challenge given from the external environment and always have delighted internal and external customers.
Company Profile:
Farm Fertilizers Ltd. is a renowned name in the field of agriculture. The company has a huge customer base and a strong distribution system all over the Pakistan.
Intrapreneur Profile:
Mr. Waleed Akram is the head of supply chain department of the company. His Job responsibilities include procurement and distribution. Waleed is a young, energetic and dedicated resource of the company. He is very creative, opportunistic and has an entrepreneurial mind set. He is not independent to take a decision or make any changes in the processes and performance of business operations.
Spotted business opportunity:
He has spotted a business opportunity and has suggested higher management to get into the dairy business. He has produced a strong argument; that they should collect milk from the remote areas as the company already has strong networking with farmers and strong logistics based infrastructure. They can easily collect milk and then sell it into the open market after refining it. In this way company can earn more money with higher profit
margins as they are using their already developed resources and networking. This sounds very attractive as Waleed has sought a very good business opportunity.
Being the student of entrepreneurship you have studied well about entrepreneurial behaviors and their characteristics. You also know that what is an intrapreneur and how he can play his or her role being the employee of an organization.
1. What suggestion do you have in your mind for the company management in order to accommodate Waleed’s input and motivate him to be more productive for the company in the future? (12 Marks)
2. In case Waleed’s contribution is not recognized and management is not ready to motivate this sort of effort then what other options does Waleed has? (3 Marks)