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MGT501 -Human Resource Management Online Quiz No.3 Solution and Discussion Spring 2014

1. Who is said to be responsible for task allocation in order to fulfill the organizational goals?
Managers (Correct)

2. Employment of which resource is a competitive factor for organizations.
Workforce (Correct)

3. Unofficial part of an organization formed on the basis of common interests is known as:
Formal organization
Informal organization (Correct)
Bureaucratic organization
Virtual organization

4. Ahmed is supervising the maneuver of whole organization, which one role is being played by him?
Tactical manager
Operations manager (Correct)
Chief Executive
Line manger

5. An attitude is made up of ________ components
3 (Correct)

6. Organizational commitment can be developed through promoting __________.
Shared values (Correct)
Employee incentives

7. An organization operates in:
An isolated system
A closed system
A clogged system
An open system (Correct)

8. Which of the following is mandatory for the formation of an organization?
An individual (Correct)
Two or more individuals
A proprietor
An employee

9. A staff handbook is a reference tool for managers and staff. The handbook contains the information about:
Personal conduct
Terms and conditions
Briefing and induction
All of given options (Correct)

10. Which one is true statement about the need of conceptual skills at different hierarchical level?
Conceptual skills are very important at each level of management.
Conceptual skills are very important at the Top level of management (Correct)
Conceptual skills are very important at operational level of management.
Conceptual skills are very important for the lower level of management