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No SIM to Be Sold Without Biometric Verification After August 1st, 2014

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has proclaimed that no SIM are going to be oversubscribed or activated throughoutin pakistan without verification of shoppers beginning August first, 2014.

As per this new policy, customers will have to verify their identity through thumb impression to verify that the CNIC they're mistreatment for activation of SIM is legitimate, original and it belongs to them.

As per PTA’s SOP, a client should gift his/her CNIC to sales’ representative of cellular corporations before creating a buying deal of SIM. once that client can ought to record the thumb impression that may be matched – in real time – with NADRA’s information.

After flourishing match of thumb impression with NADRA’s record, the client are going to be issued a brand new activated SIM.

PTA aforesaid that SIM activations through 789 can discontinue and SIMs can solely be registered through biometric verification.