ENG101 English Comprehension Spring 2014 Past Final Term Papers 2014

Question: How many phonemes are there in English?

Answer: In English 44 sounds of phonemes have been identified.

Question: How many vowel phonemes are there in English language?

Answer: There are 20 vowel phonemes in English language.

Question: What are references?

Answer: References are words in a sentence that refer to each other. They can be pronouns
, demonstrative pronouns, adverbs etc.,as well as substitute the words coming
earlier ar later.

Question: What is skimming?

Answer: Skimming means reading a text quickly to get the gist of the text.The reader is just

concerned with the main idea and leaves the minor or supporting details.

Skimming is a useful technique especially in extensive reading.

Question: What is imaginative writing?

Answer: Imaginative writing means creative writing. Creative writngs include novels, short

stories,a piece of writing dealing with fictional situation. It can also be a poem.

Question: What is a topic sentence?

Answer: The sentence which states the main idea of a paragraph is the topic sentence of

that paragraph. It may occur anywhere in the paragraph_____ in the beginning, in

the middle or at the end.

Question: Whish are the three common purposes of communication?

Answer: The three common purposes of communication are:

 To inform

 To persuade

 To entertain

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