Letter to your friend asking him to spend his summer vacations with you (2014)

Examination Hall,
City A.B.C.
Aug 16, 2014.
Dear Rizwan,
I hope you will be fine. I came to know that your school will close in a few days for summer vacation. My school has already been closed today. It will reopen in August, 2014. I earnestly desire that you should spend your summer vacation with me in Lahore. You know, I have planned to spend the summer vacation together, you know, Lahore is a historical place.
There are lots of historical buildings, Shahi fort, fortresses, tombs, apart from malls, multiplexes and commercial hubs. People from across the country and abroad come to visit Lahore. We will have a lot of fun and joy in visiting every place that is worth seeing in Lahore. My parents also wish you to spend your summer vacation here with us. We shall also take photographs that will always remind you of your visit to Lahore.
Please do inform me in advance about the date you are coming. We will be there at the station to receive you.
Please convey my regards to your parents.
Yours sincerely,
Roll # :…………

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