Write a letter to the Ministry of Health, giving some suggestions to eradicate smoking from society.(2014)
Examination Hall,
City A.B.C
Aug 18, 2014
The Secretary,
Ministry of Health,
All packets of each and every cigarette bear a vivid, sentence under the caption warning: Smoking is injurious to health. But in spite of that, the number of smoking addicts is increasing. Now it is time to adopt some measures to minimize the number of such addicts. I suggest the following measures to be employed for eradicating this monster.
· Special anti-smoking campaigns should be launched through social welfare societies.
· Publicity of tobacco products shown on T.V should be strictly banned.
· Smoking should be strictly prohibited at all public places.
· The rate of taxes levied on tobacco products should be doubled or tripled.
· Extra-commercial tax should be charged from all shop-keepers dealing in tobacco products.
If these steps are taken, within a few months, a sudden change will appear and we will be living in a healthier society.
Yours faithfully,
Roll #: ……..

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