Write a letter to Lahore Cantonment Board for erecting some speed-breakers on some roads. (2014)
Examination Hall,
City A.B.C
Aug 18, 2014
The Director,
The Cantonment Board,
I wish to draw your attention to a very serious problem with the hope that you will take immediate steps for the solution.
The madly-rushing traffic on Sher Khan Road, Lahore cant has become a night for the residents. Sher Khan Road is a narrow service road in the vicinity of Lahore Airport. As wagons and pick-ups are not allowed to enter airport area, the commercial vehicles line up all the Sher Khan Road. Taking the passengers, they rush past the houses endangering the life of small children who venture out of the houses on their bicycles.
No doubt, the Traffic Police Challan these wagons for illegal parking but that does not solve the problem. The Traffic Police should depute a constable at the junction of Sher Khan Road and Benares Road. You are requested to erect two speed-breakers on Sher Khan Road. This will reduce the speed of wagon drivers who cause misery and serious health-hazards for the people by raising dust all the day.
I hope you will consider the cause sympathetically and will do what is necessary.
Yours faithfully,
Roll #: ……..

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